Do I need new replacement windows?


Modern replacement windows are energy efficient, reducing drafts, heating and cooling expenses, and energy use. If you find yourself struggling to maintain the temperature of your home or spending too much to do so, installing new energy efficient windows could be the solution for you. Single-pane glass and temperature conductive frames common to older windows are often the culprit of this.

If your windows do not open or shut properly, you should consider replacing them so they may serve as exits during an emergency. Poorly functioning windows also may allow leaks for weather and pests to invade your home.

Which window should I choose?


Our team of certified experts is committed to helping you find the best replacement window for your home. With more than ten years of experience, we specialize in walking you through the process, paying special attention to each client and matching current architecture, sight lines, and grids.

To familiarize yourself with the terminology we’ll be using, please see the chart below.


1. Frame – the structure of the window.
2. Cladding – the exterior of the window. This can be wood, vinyl, aluminum, or composite.
3. Sash – the part of the window that moves. Many of ours can be tilted inward for simple cleaning.
4. Insulated glass – Gas is trapped between the two panes of glass to insulate your home.
5. Glazes/coatings – Low-E coatings reflect heat but allow light into your home.
6. Grids – These patterns can be customized to fit the existing architecture or you may choose new ones.

If you have a historic property, we offer historic wood windows in a variety of stains and sizes. Vinyl windows are a popular choice, because they are often lower cost and very easy to maintain while being excellent insulators. Composite material is stronger than vinyl, thus an afford to support more glass on less material, bringing more light into your home. Schedule a meeting or request a quote with our staff to hear options specialized to your home and needs.

Please see our Products page for a list of some of our most popular vendors. We offer only the highest quality products to ensure a happier, quieter home.



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