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Learn How Windows Keep your House Warmer

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Exterior windows on condominium.

Low-E Coated Glass

Low-E glass is coated with microscopic layers of metallic oxides and is invisible to the naked eye. Though transparent, this coating protects your home from ultraviolet rays. It also helps control radiant heat. This keeps your house warmer in the winter by reflecting certain segments of the sun’s light back into the home, and cooler in the summer by reflecting warmer rays outside.

Argon Gas

Injected between the glass panes, Argon gas safely improves the thermal and sound-insulating performance of glass. Argon gas is a naturally occurring, odorless, non-toxic, non-corrosive, non-flammable, non-reactive inert gas. The benefits of argon insulated glass are a quiet, comfortable environment with reduced heating and cooling costs by keeping heat inside in the winters and outside in the summers.

Thermal Break Aluminum Frames

Standard aluminum is a good conductor of heat and cold, meaning that you can lose or gain a great deal of heat through the frames. New thermal break technology features a reinforced polyamide bar between the inside and outside aluminum profiles, creating an insulated barrier within the frames. This prevents conductive thermal energy loss and will significantly decrease noise transmission in your home.

Warm Edge Spacer Bar

A warm edge spacer bar is the barrier between the panes of glass. Our windows and doors have a high-performance spacer, which serves multiple functions: it accommodates stress caused by thermal expansion and pressure changes, it provides a gas tight seal that prevents loss of Argon gas, and it provides a moisture barrier that prevents condensation.



OneSource is a leader in supplying and installing high-quality replacement products for condominiums. As a company dedicated to providing high-quality products and installation experience, our highly-trained team will ensure a seamless installation process from start to finish.

As a company that specializes in condominiums, One Source understands the unique needs that each building needs. We work directly with condominium boards and homeowners to guarantee our products meet building specifications, and match aesthetic sightlines. We will help you determine the best products suited for your building requirements and budget.


All our products come with a high-performance glass package suited to high-rise buildings. Each product is engineered specifically to your building’s requirements and matches existing sightlines and configurations. Unlike vinyl windows that are commonly used in residential homes, our aluminum windows are equipped with thermal break technology which greatly reduces the surface conductivity, in turn making your unit warmer, safer, and quieter.


Our installation and replacement services include a full cleaning of the interior and exterior glass panels (on operable windows). Our technician will also completely clean your windows seal and confirm that the drainage system is free of dirt and debris.

Choose the right service for you

1. Windows

  • Horizontal Sliding Window Installation

  • Horizontal Sliding Window Replacement

  • Single Hung Window Installation

  • Single Hung Window Replacement

  • Double Hung Window Installation

  • Double Hung Window Replacement

  • Fixed Window Installation

  • Fixed Window Replacement

  • Casement Window Installation

  • Casement Window Replacement

  • Specialty Window Installation

  • Specialty Window Replacement

  • Awning Window Installation

  • Awning Window Replacement

2. Door

  • Sliding Glass Door Installation

  • Sliding Glass Door Replacement

  • Terrace Door Installation

  • Terrace Door Replacement

  • Folding Door Installation

  • Folding Door Replacement

3. Others

  • Balcony Enclosure Installation

  • Balcony Enclosure Replacement

  • Storefront Door Installation

  • Storefront Door Replacement

  • Storefront Glass Installation

  • Storefront Glass Replacement

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