Our doors are commercially rated for high rise applications and include:

High-performance glass packages with Low E and Argon gas

Thermally Broken Frames for increased energy efficiency

New Fiberglass Mesh Screens on all active sashes

Upgrade options include:

High STC (Sound Transmission Class) glass for even more soundproofing.  

Sliding Glass Doors

Easy operation with tandem Ball Bearing Rollers

Low maintenance Fiberglass Mesh Screens

Narrow Sightlines to maximize view

Excellent draft protection with Full Perimeter double-fin weather stripping

High Performance architectural finish

Sliding glass doors services Columbia
Terrace doors services Columbia

Terrace Doors

Multipoint locking system for increased security

Marine weather-stripping for superior wind and water resistance

Narrow Sightlines to maximize view

High Performance architectural finish

Excludes Screen

Folding Door

Finger-Safe gasket technology

Customizable configuration (single, French door, bi-fold and corner bi-fold doors, etc)

Advanced weather-tight seals

Eight-point locking system

High security hinges and frames

Deep throw hook locks and anti-lift bars top and bottom