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4 Tips for Reducing Outside Noise in Your Home

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Do you live in the city, or are you just tired of loud outside noise? Quality time spent at home without being distracted by noise can boost up the overall quality of your life. We have a few simple solutions for you to help reduce noise.

Tip 1: Seal All Holes

If you are struggling with outside noise in your home, one of the simplest solution is to make sure you properly seal all the holes and cracks in your home. Patching up holes in the wall will help to block the movement of air which converts to sound if not properly dealt with. Even those tiny pesty holes can end up causing loud outside noise so it’s best to make sure they are sealed up.

It’s also a great idea to add caulking around any outlets, drywall cracks, and in floorboard cracks. Caulking cracks in your home can reduce 50-70% of the noise and it also helps to block drafts which overall can lower your energy bills. Another idea is to add soundproof walls or a white noise machine which will help neutralize the noise.

Tip 2: Tighten Doors and Windows

Secondly, make sure if your windows and doors are fully tightened as they are the biggest reasons for letting noise in. Installing noise-reducing windows can be the most effective solution in the long term. Double or triple-panned windows are highly recommended.

However, since window and door replacement costs are pretty high ranging from $2,000 to $10,000, another cost-effective option is to add window plugs. A window plug is a soundproof sponge that’s designed to block and even reflect sound.

Tip 3: Soundproof Curtains and Soundproof Walls

If you are still dealing with outside noise a good option is to invest in soundproof curtains. Soundproof curtains decrease around 30-40% of loudness. There are many ways to soundproof your walls to reduce noise such as adding a rug to the wall to help absorb outside noise.

You can also add acoustic panels or insulation which will reduce noise in your home. Acoustic panels absorb sound waves which will dramatically reduce the noise traveling through any open spaces. Plants and shrubs are a great idea to absorb some of the sound.


Tip 4: Noise- Reducing Furniture

Noise-Reducing furniture can always be super helpful in reducing outside noise. Sofas are a great option, especially ones that are suede or microfiber as they do a great job of absorbing noise. Another great idea is to add pillows and blankets with the right material.



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