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 Folding Patio Doors

Folding patio doors make your patio a smooth extension of your home. Their multiple panels fold up for out of sight storage. Folding patio doors are easy to operate and offer maximum natural light and outdoor view.  

Folding Patio Door Replacement
in Northern Virginia, Maryland, Washington DC

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Folding patio door consist of two or more glass door panels that hinge together to open accordion-style, creating wide open spaces.

Folding patio doors are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and materials therefore can be customized to different condominium building requirements.

Folding Doors Components You Need to Know



  • Easy operation with concealed balance system

  • Top and lower sashes tilt in for easy cleaning



  • Narrow sightlines to maximize view

  • Excellent draft protection with full perimeter double-fin weather stripping 

  • Architectural finish 



  • High-performance glass package with Low E and Argon Gas 

  • Energy-efficiency by enhancing insulation 

  • Reduce ultraviolet, dust, allergen, and noise coming into your home



  • Low maintenance fiberglass mesh screens

  • Clearer views and more natural light

  • Polished look 

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Naomi Watts

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OneSource was so competent though, it was worthwhile, and fairly painless. They kept all their commitments. They followed up regularly. I always knew the status of my order. The price was fair and it was overall, a really nice and super competent team. The new sliding doors are wonderful! Such an improvement!

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